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Eliminates the formation of black mould caused by condensation

Warmcoat is a nanotechnology coating that significantly reduces the formation of condensation on cold walls and ceilings. It is easy to apply either DIY or by a painter and decorator and is an ideal solution for cold, areas where insulation may be missing or insufficient.

The coating has been independently tested at the UKAS approved Salford University Thermal Laboratory. Tests proved that Warmcoat holds the temperature of a treated surface at a higher temperature than a standard emulsion paint.

Warmcoat is a water based coating system which will drastically reduce condensation formation due to the glass microspheres contained within it. The microspheres mean that it is like having a vacuum flask on your walls and ceilings.

The reduction in condensation means that the growth of black mould is also reduced as the mould needs the moisture to grow. 

It is perfect for cold walls and ceilings as well as humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

It can reduce mould growth just like an anti mould paint but it does not contain harmful biocides.

Users also report that the room feels warmer to be in once the coating is applied and the surfaces feel much warmer to the touch, such as hand railsand metal handles

The coating contains microscopic glass microspheres manufactured by 3M™

The microspheres dramatically reduce the density and thermal conductivity of the coating when compared to conventional paints. This allows the wall to lose heat much less quickly compared to other decorative or specialist paints. Warmcoat maintains surface temperature and independent tests at Salford University have shown that the surface temperature of the treated surface cools more slowly and remains measurably warmer than if painted with emulsion paint.  

Unlike other anti-mould or anti-condensation paints which contain biocides or simply only absorb moisture,

Warmcoat can be painted or papered over to give you the finish of your choice.​ 

Salford University's results prove the effectiveness of Warmcoat.

Key extracts from the results are below:-

“Treated surfaces are kept warmer than ordinary emulsion paint”


Warmcoat helps to reduce mould and fungal growth on surfaces”


“The potential for mould growth on the Warmcoat coating was found to be significantly de-risked by at least 57%, increasing to 100% at lower RH values.” 

Warmcoat was found to be at least 85% effective as Heatsaver” (polystyrene) “underliner at de-risking mould growth. “

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"I've put the warm coat paint one of our wall that's most prone to cold and damp (three coats ) and I'm really happy with how easy it was to use and how Instantly different it feels .Feeling 'normal 'to the touch even in very cold weather compared to before when the wall was very cold and very damp to touch .

I'll be looking to buy more in the new year to apply too all the other effected walls. 

Thank you so much for thinking of us and suggesting the product and for letting us test it out I can't explain how over the moon I am .

I couldn't recommend enough I've told so many people about how good it is . Once again thank you ."

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