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From energy to IT, and everything in between

Infra Red Heating


Whether you're a large or small user of gas and electricity, we can make sure you're on the best tarrifs. With our access to all the suppliers in the marketplace, we analyse your usage profile and then fit it to the best tarriff. We'll also do a free energy audit as well.

Warm Coat


Telecoms is often considered the third utility, and as such we can make sure your costs are controlled, along with access to the latest technologies such as VoIP, to provide your business the greatest flexibility and ability to change quickly.
LED Lighting Panels, High Bay Fittings


Mobile phones are essential in our working life, so having a partner that can quickly and easiliy respond to the needs of your business is essential. We can provide all makes and models of mobiles, with whichever provider suits you best.

Battery Storage

IT Services & Equipment

A robust IT infrastructure is at the heart of most businesses. We can provide you with this infrastructure, whether it's cloud based or physical, or both. We have expertise in all these areas and can provide solutions your business can rely on, often savving you £££'s in the process.

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