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Energy Efficient Heating

Gas Heating

Traditional gas heating is the default choice for most homes in th UK. Gas customers enjoy reasonably low fuel costs, but systems easily become inefficient and costly to maintain and repair. A new Pure Efficiency gas heating system, will provide you with the latest in gas boiler technology, saving on your fuel costs and removing fears of your boiler breaking down.

Low cost installation
Latest boilers are far more efficient saving typically 25% over older models
Easily replaced

Air Source Heat Pumps

AIr Source Heat Pumps, take the low grade heat from the air on the outside of the building, and use it to heat your home, and your hot water supply.

Low Fuel Bills
Potential subsidy from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
Low Carbon Emissions
No Fuel Deliveries
Can heat your home as well as your water
Very Low Maintenance
Simpler than ground source heat pumps

Electric Infra-red heating

Infra-red heating currently delivers the most efficient domestic heating available
Ideal for customers without main gas, or looking for the latest technology.
Using this clean technology to heat the fabric of your home, provides a long list of benefits

Low Fuel Bills
Clean Technology
No moving parts
Intelligent systems, accessible remotely via an app
Health Benefits (BMA research)
Long lifespan

Gas Heating System
Air Source Heat Pump
Infra Red Heating

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